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How to help

You can support our mission multiples ways:

1) You can send us a message by going to the Menu and click on Donate or Contact us fill out the form and submit it with a detail message on how to find you.

2) you can email us at

3) Our address is listed n the bottom of this page and in the contact page, you can always visit or send us a mail.

FYI: You can support and donate Money, Clothes, Toys, Fresh and Dry Food, water, School supplies, vehicles, bicycle, electronics, Home supplies, Medical supplies and more...

Youth Events
OJCME has its annual youth events starting from July 21st through July 22nd of every year. This festival take place in our newly build community center in Dame-marie cotes de fer, 1st Section in Mole-St-Nicolas city Northwest Haiti. 

Our mission

OJCME focused on providing assistance and support to communities affected by natural disasters, conflicts, or poverty. Our mission may involve delivering emergency relief, healthcare services, food, clean water, School supplies, and other essential resources.

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