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Folin is one of the major community in Mole-St-Nicolas Haiti. This community facing so many challenges but the worse one is having access to clean water. 

On October 5th 2023, OJCME starting this new project to build a water fountain in this community to help the population, the goal is to pump this water from 3 miles away but more than 300 feet deep underground. This water will run through other nearby community such as Dame-Marie 15 miles away, Latanier 10 Miles away, Pispis 5 Miles away, via Pipe.

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Family Clinic

​OJCME, with minimal resources available were able build this family Clinic in Dame Marie Mole-St-Nicolas June 2010 to serve the population who is abandoned by the their government, Since then the community has been receiving most first response medical attentions without walking 50 Miles distance to get the same service. click on image to read more..

OJCME Community Center

This community center is Located in Dame-marie Mole-St-Nicolas build by OJCME Starting July 2017, and it's still under construction but the community already been using it for many things such as: Funeral, wedding, Graduation, Festival events, Political meetings and many more. But due to lack of resources, insufficient funding make it still unfinished even after so many years. 

Cotes-de- fer "Flee Market"

Upcoming project in cotes-de-fer for a Flee market which is something the community is desperately need.

this project will start we finish wate fountain in Folin.

sante Sante.JPG

Public Restrooms

This an upcoming public restrooms project in Cotes-de-fer. It is impossible to describe the way those who lives in the community doing their toilet needs, the air they are breathing become contaminated. people visiting the village cannot find a place ta poop or shower.

We are in mission to resolve this phenomenon for the community.

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